Day 213: Welcome home

After seven wonderful months, today I flew home. As my plane flew over the English channel the sky turned into the most beautiful of sunsets. What a perfect welcome home.


4 thoughts on “Day 213: Welcome home

  1. Hi Anne. Welcome home. You must be feeling somewhat dazed after being away for so long. Please get in touch when you’ve settled back into UK life and I’ll take you for a masala dosa in Tooting.
    Looking forward to catching up with you.
    Kavita xx

  2. Welcome home Anne. I have loved following your journey and I’m going to miss it! Hope everything works out for you job wise now that you are back.
    Keep in touch
    Sue R

  3. Dear Anne

    I am sure it is going to be very strange and a bit of a shock for you to back in Ol’Blighty. I am also going to find it strange not to be able to check in on your blog to find another amazing picture. I think you should keep it going at least for another week to show what it is like adjusting back to life in the UK!

    Would love to see you very soon, maybe I could come along for that masala dosa with Kavita?
    Clare xx

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