Day 212: Back to Mumbai

After 31 long hours, with a numb bum, I eventually arrived back in Mumbai. Since I was last here in January the city had changed. Or at least my perception of it has… instead of the overwhelming chaos, noise, smells and colours that saw on arrival, the city now seemed to represent modern India. Women wearing jeans and t-shirts, business men, smart restaurants and bars.

But yes, it was still chaotic.


Day 211: The journey home begins

So today I embarked upon a long journey which eventually leads me to home. For some reason, unbeknownst to me now, I chose to take a 31 hour sleeper train from the south of Kerala to Mumbai. Here, a mere nine hours into the journey, the sun sets as the train slowly snakes northwards.

Day 210: Indian breakfast

I’ve just about gotten used to eating masala dosa for breakfast. It’s a kind of pancake filled with a spicy mashed potato mixture and typically served with coconut chutney and a little veg curry.  But I’d still opt for museli or porridge first thing in the morning.