Day 197: Elephant stables

Today I explored many of the sights in and around Hampi. This structure, believe it or not, was once an elephant stables. The eleven royal elephants were housed here, with the most important one in the centre.


Day 176: Chapora Fort

Today I visted Chapora Fort. Originally built by Adilshah in the 16th Century it was captured and re-built by the Portugese. The remaining ruins are what is left from the Portugese fort. There are wonderful views to the beaches north and south of the fort and it’s a great spot to watch the sunset.

Day 120: Temples of Angkor

I spent today exploring the magnificent Temples of Angkor here in Cambodia. There are numerous sites around the area, including the famous Angkor Wat, the fortified city of Angkor Thom, the ruins of Ta Prohm and numerous others besides.

Most of the sites have been cleared and carefully restored, but Ta Prohm (in the photo) has been left with impassable corridors, piles of ruined carvings and trees growing under and over the stuctures.