Day 209: Elephant parade

Today I went to Paripally, a nearby town to see the temple celebrations and elephant parade. There must have been about 50 elephants covered in ceremonial dress, first on show in the temple grounds and then paraded through the busy streets (amongst the chaotic traffic!).


Day 198: One day in Bangalore

This morning I arrived in Bangalore where I spent the day before continuing my journey onwards to Kerala. My day in the city happenedto coincide with a rickshaw strike, leaving me to tackle the Bangalore public bus system (never have I love London buses more).

Whilst exploring some of the local back streets and bazaars I came across this neat temple covered in Ganesh statues.

Day 196: Hampi

I arrived in the town of Hampi this morning after taking the (non-)sleeper bus from Goa. As the sun rose local men and women came to wash, themselves and their clothes, in the river.

Hampi is the former capital of the Vijayanangara Empire and is home to numerous hindu temples, mainly built in the 16th century.