Day 41: Volcano Concepcion

Today I took a kayaking trip along the shore of Ometepe and into a river which was FULL of all sorts of birds (which I´m useless at remembering tha names of) and incredible views of the two volcanoes that form the Island.

Volcano Concepcion was wearing a little cloud hat today.


Day 35 Volcano Telica

Today I set off on a two day trek to the crater of Volcano Telica. I carried a pack (larger than the one I´m travelling with for 7 months) containing a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and all my food and water.

Apparently volcano trekking in the rainy season isn´t such a great idea. The rain set in at 3pm and continued until 6am the following morning, including a full on thunder and lightening storm. It was raining inside my tent and EVERYTHING was wet.

The volcano was smoking too much for us to see the lava in the crater and the, apparently beautiful, sunrise was covered in fog!

Depsite all of the above, we had a great time!

Day 25: Volcano Pacaya

Today I climed the active volcano, Pacaya.  It last erupted in May 2010 covering Guatemala city (45 km away) in a two inch layer of ash. Only one person, a journalist, was killed. The volcano is safe to climb at the moment but pockets of steam rise out of volcano. We toasted marshmallows in the rocks.