Day 143: Kuang Si Waterfall

Today I visited the Kuang Si waterfalls about an hour from Luang Probang. There are a beautiful series of small cascades, reminding me very much of  Semuc Champey in Guatemala.


Day 30 Travel Day

Today I traveled from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to Copan Ruinas, Honduras. It involved two bus rides. One 6 to 9am to Antigua where I had a lovely lunch at cute this little cafe, followed by a 1 to 9pm bus to Copan. Unfortunately the second bus got stuck in a traffic jam in Guatemala, where we were stationary for 3 hours and crawling for another 2. By the time we got to the boarder the bureau de change had closed so I eventually arrived in Copan at midnight without any local currency!


Day 25: Volcano Pacaya

Today I climed the active volcano, Pacaya.  It last erupted in May 2010 covering Guatemala city (45 km away) in a two inch layer of ash. Only one person, a journalist, was killed. The volcano is safe to climb at the moment but pockets of steam rise out of volcano. We toasted marshmallows in the rocks.